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Safaritent 2-6 Persons

Safaritent 2-6 persons

Experience the camping feeling, but looking for just that little extra? Where luxury and comfort come together, this safari tent is fully equipped for 6 people and equipped with furniture from wood, a covered porch and wooden floor.



Rates 2019

per day : from 55,00 to 90,00 euro

per Midweek and per weekend : from 180,00 to 360,00 euro

per week : from 360,00 to 600,00 euro



Romantic and cozy!

The LeafMaxi accommodates up to 3 adults, or a family with 2 children.

This Leaf is equipped with comfortable beds, duvets and pillows, toilet, kitchen, fridge and terrace. Since these rooms are well insulated, they are suitable for all seasons. Ideal for a short stay B & B, but also for a longer atmospheric holiday!

In contrast to the smaller Leaf, there is a toilet in the LeafMaxi. In addition, a sink unit, stainless steel sink (cold water), fridge with freezer, and a dolce gusto coffee maker.

1 double bed; 140x200

2 Single bed; 80x190

Dimensions Leaf 5x2.80


The 2-person Leafs have a terrace, patio doors, folding window, heating, comfortable beds, duvets and pillows. Inside is a sitting area.

Dimensions Leaf 4x2.42


Rates 2019


per day : from 37,50 till 42,50 euro

per Midweek and per weekend : from 117,50 till 135,00 euro

per week : from 235,00 till 305,00 euro


Rates 2019

Leaf Maxi

per day : from 55,00 till 65,00 euro

per Midweek : from 200,00 till 260,00 euro

per weekend : from 165,00 till 195,00 euro

per week : from 365,00 till 455,00 euro


Mobilhome Tornade. 2/6 Persons

Mobilhome Tornade. 2/6 persons

Extremely luxurious camping!


This extremely luxurious model with a length of 10.08 meters and width of 4 meters, is the ideal rental object for larger families (up to 6 people). The Tornade has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The living room and kitchen are spacious and open through the 2 sliding doors at the front. This model is a perfect combination between fantastic design and quality.



Rates 2019

per day : from 70,00 till 115,00 euro

per Midweek and per weekend : from 225,00 till 550,00 euro

per week : from 450,00 till 805,00 euro


Mobilhome Espérance

Mobilheim Espérance

Stylish four-person chalet

Be surprised, and enjoy. These four-person accommodations are equipped with two bedrooms, luxury bathroom, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and a covered terrace. The Esperance is a very popular model; it is practical and compact, offers space for 4 people and has the dimensions of 8.80m x 4.20m. The chalet has large windows at the front and a separate breakfast bar at the kitchen. In addition, there is an covered terrace of 8 m² with lounge set.



Rates 2019

per day : from 60,00 till 90,00 euro

per Midweek : from 225,00 till 450,00

per weekend : from 195,00 till 330,00 euro

per week : from 400,00 till 650,00 euro


Camping du Nord
Fam. Vermeulen
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L-9153 Goebelsmühle / Bourscheid
+352 990413
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Lat: 6.044712
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01.04. - 31.10.