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Dear guests,

Since 2018, the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Tourism has been offering an official and voluntary classification system for campers. It is therefore an award guaranteed by the Luxembourg state, i.e. a legally flawless information. The classification is also reliable and transparent in terms of objectivity, in contrast to internet rating portals for example.

The classification allows the guest to compare the campsites with complete transparency. The principle is quite simple: the higher the number of stars, the more conditions must be fulfilled.

Brief overview of the criteria

There are a total of 184 criteria, divided into 4 chapters.

There are „must“-criteria that must be achieved for the respective stars, and optional criteria that help to collect points.

In all four categories there are quality criteria, f.ex. cleanliness, functionality, good condition, ...

The labels awarded by the ministry also earn points,  labels recognized by the state; or issued by an official body with equivalent requirements.

Some criteria are also met if the service is in the immediate vicinity, which means: easily and quickly accessible on foot by campsite customers.

Some services can only be offered in the high season: the period during which the campsite has an occupation of 75% or more applies.


The 4 chapters:

Chapter A: General,

- the location (forest area, along the river, park, quiet)

- Appearance of the campsite

- Information such as public transport, supermarkets and restaurants in the area

Chapter B: Equipment

- parking spaces

- sanitary facilities

- Reception and lounge/ shared spaces

Chapter C: Services

- Reception opening times, which languages are spoken

- The warden stays 24/24 in the immediate vicinity of the reception and camping (from 4 stars onwards)

- Services, such as providing a Babybed (cot), CEE power adapter, telephone adapter, etc.

- Tourist information

- clear and up-to-date website

- Restaurant and shop

- waste management

- Efforts for the environment


Chapter D: Sport and Leisure

- Swimming pool (also external, when available free of charge for a certain number of hours)

- Wellness

- Fitness

- Sport facilities

- Playgrounds

- Animation high season / all year round

- Rental


So in the end there are 1 to 5 stars:

 * Basis

** fit for purpose

*** comfortable

**** high

***** first class


More information on www.classification.lu


Campsites with 5 stars


- Camping Fuussekaul, L-9156 Heiderscheid






Campsites with 4 stars

Camping Auf Kengert, L-7633 Medernach-Larochette

Camping Bissen, L-9659 Heiderscheidergrund

Camping Kohnenhof, L-9838 Eisenbach

Camping route du Vin, L-6794 Grevenmacher

Camping Krounebierg, L-7572 Mersch

Camping officiel Clervaux, L-9714 Clervaux

Camping Martbusch, L-6552 Berdorf

Camping du Barrage Rosport, L-6580 Rosport

Camping Bleesbrück, L-9359 Bleesbrück

Camping Kockelscheuer, L-1899 Luxembourg-ville

Camping Val d'Or, L-9747 Enscherange

- Camping la Pinède, L-6211 Consdorf 






Campsites with 3 stars

Camping Kautenbach, L-9663 Kautenbach

- Camping Troisvierges, L-9912 Troisvierges

- Camping Tintesmühle, L-9758 Tintesmühle-Heinerscheid

- Camping du Nord, L-9153 Goebelsmühle